Her Next Big Move

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Hi 🙂

November already, and I’m onto my eighth ‘Facebook Fiction’ offering – my tenth collaboration with my lovely Facebook followers, in total.  How wonderful! 😀

Katie wrote today’s prompt, which she said I could position anywhere in the story:

“The estate agent’s glossy brochure was too tempting to resist and as she turned the first page, the countdown began to the inevitable next big move…”

I had it in my head that I would put it at the end of the piece, after a plot sprang into being at the start of my 20 mins, so Katie’s became the last-but-one sentence 😉

It was hard trying to sleep through his shouting.  He was a persistent old codger – probably why he had done so well in life?  He was harmless, though.  Red tape and nuances usually kept the lawyers busy for at least a few months each time.Chess board, lady's hand, Pixabay

Esther stretched, and shouted in a tone she hoped sounded like she meant it.  “Back off Mr. Green, I don’t want to have to get a restraining order slapped on you, again!”

“A restraining…! You little…!” He battered on the door again.

“Now, now!  I’m warning you!” trilled Esther.

There was a female voice that started, seemingly, trying to talk some sense into the old man.  Probably his daughter who’d been in court?  She’d looked like she’d done well out of the family business, too.

Esther couldn’t understand why they insisted on harassing her every morning – even now, poor Emily was scurrying to her side: wild-haired and wide-eyed.

“Is dat da bad man ‘gain, mummy?” she asked “Why he no’ dust go ‘way?  I s’eepin’ in da bed, mummy!  He wakey me up!  He no’ like-a me?!  He want me to have no woof on my head?  Dat no’ a nice man.  He a POO HEAD.”

“Yup!” smiled Esther, scooping her daughter up and kissing her warm little cheeks “He’s a poo head.  He wants alllll mummy’s money, but I’m not giving him any.  It’s OURS, baby.  We need it to buy pretty things.”

“And feed Fluffa?”

“And feed Fluffa.”

Esther gave Emily a slice of toast and was relieved to hear Mr. Green’s car zoom off in a cloud of Diesel fumes.  About bloody time, too.

Esther made her way to the sofa with her coffee. The estate agent’s glossy brochure was too tempting to resist and, as she turned the first page, the countdown began to the inevitable next big move. 

It almost made her late for work.


Drumroll please (drrrrrrrrrr) 289 words over and above the prompt sentence!! Yaay!

I liked the characters that emerged.  What do you think Esther’s backstory is?  Who is Mr. Green?

Thanks again to Katie, I hope you enjoyed today’s piece!

Be sure to visit me tomorrow to see what I’ve been left by Michelle, readers 😉


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