Cold Collar Cats

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Unusually for Scotland, it was a very warm day.  Of course, the RandomLists Generator decided I should write about rain…


Rain  Calculate  Bump  Payment  Collar  Approval  Magical  Applaud  Lonely


Rain rivulets rush,

Cats calculate calamity;

Bump birdbox bad-temperedly.

(Prowling payment pursued,

‘Cos collar cold)


Awaiting anthropoid approval:

Magical moist moggies…


(Applaud avicidal acts,

Lest left lonely…)


I do not have any cats, but I have heard tell of many less-than-desirable ‘presents’ being left for cat owners!  Have you any cat stories to share with me in the comments?

The first line popped into my head and then I ‘had’ to go with the three words, starting with the same letter, format for each line after that. 

I am aware the third one cheats a little 😉

The lovely weather today coincided with ‘outdoor classroom day’ for the school campus.  Youngest was apparently enjoying time with the P6 pupils (who are going to be buddying the new primary ones in August, so are hanging out with all the nursery kids) building dens for an hour.  The wee scone has eczema in the crooks of his elbows, and has big plasters he doesn’t like showing off…so he kept his jumper on all morning!  Let’s just say that wee bonce had some tight curls when I went to pick him up 😉  he did lose a plaster when he eventually took his layers off on the way home, so he is actually a wise wee soul!

Youngest came and had a short cuddly nap with me on the couch again, and I had to take his top off him after a while because he was melting!  Brought back memories of the summer days in 2013, when he was tiny and I carried him around in the wrap a lot 😉

Eldest had caught the sun, and drunk all of his school water bottle, when we collected him.  He’d had gym and other activities, so had spent a good while out in the weather.  I was glad I had slathered factor 50 all over him and sent him to school wearing a hat!

The main highlight of the day for me was seeing our boys with other P2 kids, zooming about with the footballs again.  They really do enjoy a kickabout with daddy!  We had to cut it short because Hubby had to get back to work, but they were thoroughly tired out by then, so there were no huge arguments.

Everything just seems more relaxed when it’s sunny, doesn’t it?!  I find it so hard to imagine nice days  when the wind is trying to tear my hair off, and my glasses beg their own wipers on the school run!  It always surprises me when I don’t need my heavy jacket to battle the elements. 

Yaaay for however many days of ‘Summer’ we get this year!




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