Closet Creepiness – #inktober2019 – Day 26 & 27

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Hiya 🙂

As I mentioned on the 25th, I was invited over to my parents’ house yesterday, so didn’t get a chance to do any prompt-drawings for Inktober.  Instead, I have combined day 26 and 27, which were “dark” and “coat”.

I started off with a drawing in pencil, but I was so involved with what I was doing, I forgot to take a picture and instead went straight to the inking part:

Hubby had seen me sketching out the coat and heard me wondering out loud how I was going to get an evil element into the picture – and he pointed out that the pockets already looked a little spooky. 

So I ran with the idea and added the scarf for horns etc.  The kids liked how it all turned out, too 😉

Yesterday I was doing a different kind of creative activity, as my mum was teaching me how to make some fabric items on my sewing machine that has been hiding in my craft cupboard for the last 11 years 😉 it was a really lovely change! 

My parents come at least two Fridays a month around 4pm and hang out with our boys and me for 90 minutes or so, and a few weeks ago Mum took my sewing machine back to her house in order to familiarise herself with it and make a plan for what she’d teach me. 

I made a pin cushion, a paper hankie holder, a cushion cover – and a small Christmas tree ornament that I need to stuff and finish off.  It was a lot of fun, and mighty strange to see my mum without my kids vying for our attention or either of us having to go and do something else!

I arrived at my mum’s around 11am, and Dad took me home around 9pm.  We had meals and snacks together.  It really was lovely to see them both for an extended period of time 🙂 like rolling back the years to 4 year old Monty, when the three of us lived in a flat in Edinburgh before my brother was born 😛

If only I looked as good in flouncy dresses and long hair these days…

It was pretty late last night before the kids went to bed and I got to sit down and do a quick draw-and-paint session, so I only managed this crazy butterfly, that fulfilled no prompts whatsoever, but raised a wee smile as I coloured it.

Have you been creating anything this weekend?  Halloween costumes or scary decorations?  Let me know in the comments 😉

Only 4 days of Inktober left to go…!


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