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It was Textfixer spinning the wheel of randomness today:



Clay  Apricot  Anxious  Puppet  Biter  Consumer  Fortune  Ghoul  Lizard


Is it a cliché

To think of the creator

When in the presence

Of malleable clay?


Is it still acceptable

To be affected by those questions

While slowly eating apricot yogurt

In the sunshine,

Mildly anxious about that blog post I’ve not written?


I still feel like the puppet

Dancing until she realises

She can be the biter of the greater hand;


A hapless consumer

Amassing untold amounts of fortune

In some shady vault

For some ghoul-figure in my head

(Who is probably a nice person,

And will help the world

Much more than I do now)


I still look at the sky and don’t trust it.

A giant orb once fell out of it

And obliterated many a great lizard.


I’m aware of my being:

A mere dot on the landscape…


Why the hell do I worry so much?



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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Love it 💓

  2. Montaffera Says:

    😉 x

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