Cinquain In The Membrane

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Today I alighted on the Cinquain (said: sin-cane), a type of poetry that grew from a knowledge of Japanese poetry types and syllable restriction.  The site I came to first (which I have linked to in the last sentence) attributed the invention of the form to Adelaide Crapsey, but I found the site (created by Aaron Toleos for his master thesis on Crapsey and the Cinquain in 2005) and there is a greater discussion of the poetic background/roots, and also the examination of the complexities of writing cinquains the way that Crapsey did (cos he tried it!).

I really want to return to the last site and try my hand at these properly, but for now I just stuck to the 5 non-rhyming lines and 2-4-6-8-2 syllable convention.  (I read enough to know that my first attempt here would probably meet with Crapsey’s approval more than the second!  I should also give them deep titles, apparently, so I will mull that over, too…)

Attempt one:


hand through shroudPardon?

I thought I heard…

But no…it’s not your voice;

Lost in a shroud these long ten years.

Miss you…


Attempt two:


Past four

There is now light

And my spirit can smile;

Creeping towards new life, yearnings





[Pics are here and here]


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