Chaos Does Crime

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Sometimes, I feel the random word generators I use forget about the chaos they are supposed to be subjected to and just push trope offerings directly into my brain instead.

Today I thought I’d share two crime poems I was ‘handed’ over the last week or so:

from here

Fuss  Rung  Excavate  Evolutionary  Cemetery   Choke   Position   Slab   Demonstrator


Now, don’t make a fuss:

I’ve already rung and asked them to excavate

That revolutionary new build

I am quite sure you are also using

As a makeshift cemetery.


Did you think it’d really work?

That you could lure me here,

Choke my last breath from me,

And just position me under another slab

Like it appears you did to every other demonstrator of integrity

That ever complicated your plans…?





from here

Sharp   Pistol   Electric   Block   Diplomat   Circle   Tiny   Sink   Limousine


The sharp pain said:

“Ouch! Pistol-whipped head!!”

I did not attack

Cos the world went black.


Bright electric light

Served to block my sight

When I came back to;

I didn’t see who

The – diplomat – was

Labouring his cause.


That circle of pain

Still my main complaint:

Some tiny, sick breaths

To control my stress…


When that hand came near

I moved through the fear

Felt my teeth sink in




Broke the flimsy chair,

Spoilt his gelled up hair,

Untied both my wrists

Let fly with my fists.


Lackeys stood no chance

As my rage advanced.


Then I fled that scene

In their limousine.


I see the first piece as a Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote scenario, and the second more as a Michael Westen from Burn Notice type scrape to get into?!  

What TV programmes did they make you think of? Let me know in the comments 😉



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2 Responses to “Chaos Does Crime”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    The Avengers! Very long ago – I don’t watch much of this sort of thing nowadays.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Classic 😉 Dame Diana Rigg was Chancellor of Stirling Uni when I was there – she presented me with my degree!

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