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Good evening!

Today the boys and I ventured outside! First time in over a week!

From Jimpix

The weather held, although as you will see from the boys’ attire, there was a cold wind.  I plumped for the rainsuits because the boys were planning to sit on the ground in our shady side return, and I didn’t want them catching a cold from the slabs after all the other yuck we’ve been dealing with!

Eldest is a determined wee soul (!) and wanted to go on his scooter more than play with the plastic ‘outdoor cars’ with Youngest.  I let him, but it was against a screaming impulse to forbid him from going on it, as his legs are so thin at the moment! I am not exaggerating when I tell you that they look as though he is defying gravity merely walking on them.

He managed, however, and then went to play with youngest.  I was very brave and swiped a spider from Eldest’s cycle helmet with the back of a convenient pickup truck.  We then watched the arachnid scurry away, and the boys again told me how I never had to fear spiders (although both remained wary that it may wander back and be squashed under their marauding dinosaurs’ feet…)

Later there was even a very gentle game of football in the street with our pretty flat football, and a snack of oatbars and fruit on the sunny front steps.  I declined to take Eldest up on his request to have a little jaunt around the block, too, despite his petted lip; I could see how tired he was after our relatively active time! 

It was a mostly successful first re-emergence, although Eldest did have a sore tum for a while once we got back in; and his legs were bothering him by bedtime.  He may wake and wonder why walking is a chore tomorrow!  He still maintains that the wander around the neighbourhood would have been easy for him, however…

Today was also a Jimpix day, but there were not too many surprises.  I did not know what a pannikin was, and I also had to look up ‘epsilon’, but I thought of a way to work them both in, so that wasn’t too bad.  Not entirely feeling the poem, but it does make me a little intrigued about the characters in it:


Colorado  Fax  Pump  Diligent  Chains  Pannikin  Epsilon  Foretell  Observant


From Colorado came a fax.

Maxwell did a fist pump

And was diligent in making sure

It creased not one bit.

His chains, on his


Low-hung combat trousers,

Rattled in an annoying way

As he kept his secrets;

Rocking slightly,

Drinking from that battered pannikin

Reputedly from the hands of the rock star he worshipped.

(Him in that band with the Epsilon

As its symbol?)


“It’ll be over in less than a month,

You mark my words”

I threw out, feigning boredom.

He seemed incredulous I knew a ‘woman’ was involved.

“I can’t really foretell the future,

I’m just observant”

I carried on.

“And I know your track history ain’t good”.
Maxwell harrumphed:

He and his chains

Suddenly galvanised to leave.


Notebook mess

What do you reckon the age gap is between the two characters in the poem?  And why are they in close proximity to each other?  Do they work together?  I don’t get the impression that the speaker is Maxwell’s boss or mother, but I could be wrong.

Maxwell doesn’t seem to be in work attire…but there are places that don’t require a uniform.  Maybe it is his day off and he has popped in because he is expecting a fax?

What do you think?



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