‘Cross Madcap Waves Pt. 1

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After a week ‘off’, I was ready to get going with a new story.  Simon visited my Facebook page and left me an Eastery Pixabay image to be inspired by, so I got stuck in.

Again I have been instructed to use the Jimpix word generator (!!), so I went ahead and asked for five words to give me a title.  Vanadium would have been difficult to incorporate (Wikipedia informing me that it rarely occurs in nature and all…) but the other four looked promising. 

I cobbled together the title of this post, then hit the ‘generate words’ button again (once I had reset it to find me nine words to write my story around for today).  Weirdly, it came up with an event that actually appears within the Heptathlon it wanted me to touch on, and it spat out a nautical word.  Maybe this generator is warming to me these days…?


Heron   Heptathlon   Reporting   Polevault   Oxidation   Absorb   Stunsail   Ingot   Wail

I know it’s spring when a great white egret visits our pond. I always keep back a bit, I wouldn’t want to become lunch.

Bob has no such fear:  “Ooo! A heron!” he shouts, gambolling towards the water’s edge. My nickname for Bob is similar to ‘egret’ (he doesn’t care).

Bob is the kind of person who has a LOT of excess energy. He’s the first to sign up for insane things like the local heptathlon, reporting for gruelling practice runs at dawn and showing off by making the polevault look easy. Oxidation is his fix of choice, others seem to absorb his energised effluence or something. He can really enliven a room.

He’s too much for me.

I’m happy slowly unfurling each stunsail as I cruise the pond of a Sunday afternoon. (The herons don’t seem to bother the frogs while I’m sailing). I read myself adventure stories, where pirates spar over salty chestfuls of gold bars; each ingot steeped in bitter rivalry and treacherous deeds. I imagine the cries of the stricken sailors, the wail of a forlorn lover kneeling by her dying rogue – all while eating hot cross buns.

I’m all about the quiet life. March and April are quite busy enough for me.


Awww, I already have two main characters 😉 come back tomorrow and see what the generator decides I need to write around next…


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