Casket Consciousness

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I got a nice, straightforward set of words from Textfixer today 🙂

It even threw in two words it had come up with on the first day of our Skye trip


Casket   Conscious   Pipe   Frustration   Block   Basic   Disease   Door   Lemon


I bet:

Even when they toss me in my casket,

I’ll still be conscious on some level.

(Maybe I can buy one

They can pipe music into)


I’ll motionlessly writhe

In my eternal frustration

That even death can’t block:

My basic, whirring, disease.


If only there was a door I could close tight

Inside this lemon of a brain,

Without the absurd and fanciful

Finding a way to seep out!


Place notebooks in my grave,


Ones that I can etch upon

Through thought.


Not the cheeriest of topics, but one I am sure the creative/worrier types among my lovely readers can sympathise with!

I do love thinking about things, reading about a variety of topics and (obviously) writing my poems; but I lose a lot of sleep and downtime reliving unsettling conversations and scenarios from life when I’m meant to be relaxing.  I can really be a pain in my own posterior!

Having said the above, I also live in fear of my memory deteriorating and me forgetting the things I  haven’t committed to ink/print/film/tape/digital backup…or indeed the names of my children, or the voices of the people I’ve lost along the way.

Do you often feel that your brain is both a treasure and a curse?!




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