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I think my subconscious has taken over for good.  Third flipping poem in a row, man!  S/he has obviously got an axe to grind, but I’m not really sure why?  Few contenders I suppose, but still: eh-to-the-what-now?




Sound  Wire  Carriage  Use  Sleep  View  Mark  Move  Giants


A sound

Travels down

A wire in my frown

And I’m forced

Onto carriage of regret.


See shiny hooves

I don’t use

If I sleep off these blues

Now my view

Is blocked by horse cloud-breath.


As the sound makes its mark

And the memories spark

I feel I only move

To shrink further.


Oh these horses do take

No time at all to lay waste

To the comfort my poor heart was taking.


I thought all this was done

Now equine-giants come

To tether to fairy tale wheels.


And that note is still clear

In my poor inner ear

I’ll feel tiny and helpless for ever…


Scribbly wibbly stuff

Does this poem mean anything to you?

I have read it a few times and think that it is about never really being able to be wholly settled, because something as simple as a noise (or word) can trigger my flight mechanism – and I am overtaken by the need to get away. 

The instinct to run grows bigger and bigger until it is all I can think about, and the way ahead is blocked because I can’t see it for the huge issue I have created. 

I feel helpless when in the midst of these feelings, and the more I listen to whatever flicked that switch, the more I shrink, and the feeling is in charge. I lose the power to remember that “this too shall pass”, that this reaction is not ‘for ever’ or bigger than me.

Does that make sense?!

What did you get out of the poem?





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