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It’s the penultimate day of Inktober 2019 and the prompt was “catch”.

I held my left hand up in a loose fist, as if I had just made a grab at something, and drew what I saw as accurately as possible. 

I had already decided that I was going to put a fairy inside the fist, so I set to work outlining her (all in pencil at first).

I also pencilled in a jar which I fancied she would be placed into any second now!  The lid annoyed me for a bit, our kids pointing out it look more like a coaster than a part of the jar…

I inked everything while thinking about it, then redrew the lid and it doesn’t look that bad now, if you ask me 😉

Coloured pencils were used lightly on the big hand: peach for the skin and pink for the nails.  Watercolour brought out the jar, the fairy’s clothes, wings and shoes.  I went back over the fairy’s face with the light pink pencil again, just to make her look a little flushed from anger/squeezing.  I also coloured in her neck with the pencil because I’d missed it with the paint the first time around!

And my piece was finished!  Only one more piece to draw, and that’s me inked my way through a whole month!  Yaaay!

Have you been following along with Inktober?  As ever, leave me a link to your work in the comments and I’ll “catch” you tomorrow!


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