Of Cake and Humour

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Good evening!

Youngest asked me to put the candles like this “as it’d be weely funny!”.  The cake is from Asda (also his choice…)

Today has been a lovely jumble of things our youngest loves, and what we love about him.  We have managed to collect together most of the party things now, and I am feeling a bit calmer about it all.  I will do a nice post soon, and put up some photos and see if I can write a poem that does him justice etc; but tonight I just want to print out some pics about his birthday for him to take into nursery tomorrow (and maybe wrap a few prizes that he has picked out for his party friends).

The below poem has nothing to do with the lovely day we have had revelling in our newly-four year old, but it is where the words took me:

From randomlists.










Humor  Spiteful  Interrupt  Weary  Average  Ten  Sad  Functional  Mice


There is sometimes humour in the dealings,

But it is most spiteful to laugh

At their underhanded failings;

And their tendency to gaff.


Though they interrupt one’s good mood.

Make us weary with their chat;

It’s not nice to call them ‘average’/

Throw some jibes (or ten) right back.


Best to leave them to their sad game

Keep functional air of ‘nice’;

Let them corrode from the inside

Like unpleasantly used mice.


Notebook page scribbles, in Youngest’s favourite colour.

I hope it is clear that I was not writing about our kids here (!), but about people who feel they have to bring you down in some way, spin a web of lies and generally make you crazy.  Unfortunately I have met a few of these in life.

Something about reading Enid Blyton brought this up, I think.  Her villains always seem to be as the poem describes, and she does sometimes put across the same handling advice!

(I always feel sorry for lab rats and mice with their inbred ailments, due to animal testing, too)

Anyway, I hope you have an evening with people who only want the best for you, and I’m off to sort some more birthday things 😉


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