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Hubby’s work were honouring the bank holiday today, so we hugged the kids into school and nursery together and went into town. 

Very excitingly, we took a couple of things back for a refund to Tesco (!), then wandered around the M&S Food store that has opened here recently.  We also bought some essentials in Asda and mooned about in a retro toy shop – but soon were seated in one of our favourite cafés, waiting for our “Full Scottish Breakfast”.

Hubby and I took the opportunity to scribble in our notebooks, with me getting into the definitions of today’s Jimpix offering, and Hubby thinking about song lyrics.

Our food was yummy, as usual, in fact there was a little too much abundance for me to manage (which doesn’t happen often!) So I was in a comfy place as I wrote today’s poem 🙂

I looked up indices, frot and hield; which are: the plural for ‘index’, a naughty word (I’ll let you look it up from my link *blushes*) and a word for ‘tilt’ or ‘lean’, respectively!


Cardiff  Car  Pursuits  Hood  Unsuitable  Millers  Indices  Frot  Held


At Cardiff we ditched our vehicle

Joking: “what’s the diff?!”

As we locked the car

For the last time.


We plotted our next move –

All our exciting pursuits –

Poring over the map

Spread on the hood.


“Adventure is unsuitable

For cowards” you said;

But my mind whirred

Like 10 thousand millers’ wheels


I like to run through

The indices of anxiety

Before every trip;


Feel the Black Dog

Frot against my will

As I hield towards tomorrow.


Are the characters’ adventures going to be legal ones?  What are they planning, and why did they have to abandon their car?

Hubby and I wandered back to ours, chatting and holding hands.  We managed to be in the middle of the queue at the nursery to retrieve Youngest, and remembered to wave to him at the window while he was pulling his outdoor clothes on.

Later, I got to snuggle up with Youngest on the couch and share a nap.  We’ve not done that for quite a few weeks it seems, and he really is getting very long-limbed and looking increasingly grown up.  I can’t believe he’ll be away from me for whole days by this time next year. 

Don’t think I’ll ever get used to how quickly the transitions sneak up in this Motherhood gig.  Thank goodness I get so many cuddles, or I doubt I’d cope!!


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