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After all the motivational YouTube binging recently, I am teetering on the edge of coming very late to the Bullet Journal party.  I am three months exactly away from my 40th birthday, and I feel I should stop messing about and get some focus.

This girl has many big dreams!

To this end, I asked Hubby to pick me up a notebook when he went to Tesco yesterday (like I haven’t got a few dozen scattered through the house I should be using) and he brought me back a lovely A4, 300 page, 80gsm, spiral bound, 5-project piece of genius for under £3 😀  I always knew I married well!!

After scribbling down ideas elsewhere, and tapping about to see what other people use in their journals, I started Googling free printables. 

Oh my…I love what I found!

I promise to do another post in the next month or so about which ones I have found useful and whether my journal works in any way for me, etc.  Until then, I felt compelled to write today’s poem about my experiences.  I was that moved 😉







Sample  Profit  Ignorance  Prescription  Agreement  Stubborn  Site  Nightmare  Beg


I gazed in wonder

As each free sample

Popped up on my screen.


To think I have a ‘need’

And kind souls out there

Aren’t looking to profit!


(It’s not done in ignorance,

They have things on sale,

They just know I’ll come back

If they make me feel good)


On the ‘net, as in life,

Some just have the right prescription:

An agreement with all to spread some joy.


If I hadn’t been so stubborn,

I’d have jumped on the BuJo wagon sooner

And frequented every site…


With pretty lists on PDF,

That would have been a nightmare to free-hand,

My OneDrive is starting

To beg for some rest.


My obsessive streak has suddenly become super excited again.  The habit trackers all look awesome, for example…


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