Build – #inktober2019 – Day 5

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Just like that, we’re onto Day 5 of Inktober The official prompt for today was “build”.

I threw around a few ideas, spent waaay longer than I meant to on sketching the brick wall and still didn’t get it right, etc etc…but I did get a wee idea from this brainstorming:

I turned the page and got out my ‘SB’ PITT pen.  Then I thought the background looked a bit bland and spent faaar too long on getting some sort of pattern going on the wallpaper in pencil before I inked that too:

It was very relaxing painting the scene, however 🙂

After dinner, Youngest (6.5yrs) decided that he would attempt one of his optional homework tasks that challenged him to make an Autumn picture.  He was excited to use my watercolours (having dabbled with them earlier in the year) so I set him up with a large drawing board in the centre of my bed:

Look at his wee tootsies!


He really enjoyed his time painting! I loved chatting to him about what he produced and hearing him explain why he wanted to use each colour in the place he did, while brainstorming why I have only a few colours open and use some more than others.  We were both impressed with the end results!

So there’s definitely been some comfy times here today 😉 roll on Day 6!


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