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Hi 🙂

Today, I went for a wee scene instead of a poem:

Terrific  Brash  Insurance  Spark  Avoid  Mountain  Excellent  Slimy  Fretful

“That’s terrific!” Brad boomed, in his brash way; completely butting into my conversation.

I wondered if my insurance would cover me for any broken bones, from his accompanying bear-hug.

I caught the spark in Rueben’s eyes and, eager to avoid some jealous scene, I struggled out of Brad’s grip (not easy, as he always was a mountain of a man) and went to Reuben’s side.

“Excellent!” Reuben sneered “That saves her telling you then. Now, kindly keep your slimy hands off her.  She needs to be treated gently, in her condition.”

“What’s the matter, ‘Ben?! Afraid I’ll get her…overexcited?” Brad drawled, with a wicked grin in my direction.

The look that settled on Rueben’s face told me I was in for a fretful end to the evening…


I had forgotten how much I liked writing conversation!  My novel (that I keep talking about, but never finish) has a lot of characters bantering back and forth, and I missed them after writing the above.


I have been reading work from mutual follows on Twitter, and I really do feel as if getting back into writing longer pieces might be fun.  It is the time it takes to write an extended piece, and the amount of space the characters take up in my bonce, that is daunting me!  I seriously worry that I will be trying to work plotlines through so much that I will become distracted, and do something silly when I am supposed to be looking after the kids.  My creativity does not sit within the designated lines.  Do you ever find that?!

Anyway, the above has got my brain ticking, so we’ll see what it comes up with 😉

Hubby took the kids out on their wheels, and then a walk via the little swing park near us.  The boys have cottoned on to the fact that I do not want to have their full faces on display on the blog, so have started doing really dramatic ‘turned away’ poses for us parent types, and telling each other off if they don’t do it correctly!!

So we have the boys not looking at us on their bike and scooter, a lovely faceless cuddle pic, one of Eldest scaling a rope wall, and a snap of Youngest (looking almost like he’s in pain) on a park activity!  These kids are hilarious sometimes, bless them!

I got to catch up on some writing, and the boys frolicked in the sunshine, so we were all mostly happy.  Hubby watched the Aberdeen vs Celtic game, and then made dinner.  I read two chapters of ‘Five On a Hike Together’ to keep the boys out of his way.  I love how both our kids always give me a wee synopsis of the story so far before we start a new chapter, and also when they ponder why the children in the story so rarely spend any time with their parents, between boarding school and risky adventures. 

Eldest points out that they must miss all their cuddles…

As it is Saturday, it was our family meal of chilli-for-the-boys and steak pie with mash for me.  As usual, the children and their place-settings were covered in tomato-y bits of meat and rice by the end of it.  Thankfully we have set aside ‘chilli mats’ for this purpose, and always provide our lil mucky pups with a terry towel to cover their clothes…! They have looooved daddy’s chilli since about 8 months old 😉

The Arsenal game was the big pull after dinner, so I slunk off and hung some washing and wrote a bit more.  There were happy faces when Arsenal won!!

Eldest was a star and still did his homework (on how one writes time from a digital clock) when he had finished watching telly; then it was bathtime, supper, and another 2 chapters of the Famous Five; before our cheeky chappies finally conked out.

I uncovered a great mystery of my own this evening: our ice packs seem to have disappeared?! Hubby slathered E45 cream all over my sunburn for me, but refrigerated drinks bottles rolled across my back were a poor substitute for an icy compress.  Can’t think what we’ve done with them…I predict they (and some aloe vera!) will be on the shopping list for tomorrow.

It may be a pretty uncomfortable night…


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