Boys Against The Girls

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Hey you 😉


Not much higher thought went into today’s poem. 

I decided it would centre around a game of basketball, seeing as it was one of the words (!) and ‘ingrown’ immediately said toenail to me…so someone would be on the bench for that. 

Three possible names are in there, which was a gift (as ‘Shiloh’ didn’t hand me any real leads when I looked it up, and ‘Paris’ was just easier as a name…).

I have been watching the news a lot today (our youngest elected to stay off nursery, due to his intermittent runny eyes and general emotional state;  prompted by this never-ending cold. He didn’t want to play with me much,  but wanted me around) so my head is pretty dizzy with stereotyping and “opposites” pitted against each other, thanks to the TV…!

So it filtered into this poem:


Challenge   Shiloh   Rotator   Lola   Basketball   Ingrown   Paris   Generic   Hot

As a challenge, I tried him at his own game;

But Shiloh was an excellent rotator –

Charging past both Lola and me

Making this basketball lark look easy.


Danny sat laughing from his perch on the wall

Having begged off for an ingrown toenail, now

Making light of our obvious pain.

(So much for friendship, boys always gang up)


Paris rolled her eyes at us, tightened her boots,

Shouldered her way into the fray; as usual.

Not your ‘generic’ cheerleader, that one:

Hot, yes, but also deadly with a ball.


Notebook page – pretty in pink?

Could there be a slight nod to Shiloh meaning “the one to whom it belongs”? 

Was I courting innuendo with my last line?

How would you have used these words?  Do you know about Basketball and go to see games? 

I admit I have never learned much about it, probably because I am from the UK and it is not as big over here as it is in the US.

As always, please let me know your thoughts/tell me what piece you’d write  using these words in the comments.

Catch you tomorrow 😉


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