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I got to watch some Bowie and call it research today 😉 I wasn’t aware of this short film, and hadn’t heard the song, either.  I wrote the poem and then thought I’d better go and see why ‘blue jean’ came up!  There is also a club in Fort Lauderdale called Blue Jean Blues which I didn’t know either, so there you go.

It is not in a boat, however.



Blue Jean   Boat   Obese   Rear   Grind   Wood   Admiration   Injury   Aspect 

She went to a club

Called Blue Jean

In the carcass

Of a large, moored, boat.

The bouncer was obese,

Grunting as he moved aside

To let her through.  There was

An audible creak from the door, too.


This is where people (to the rear)

Cast off the daily grind,

In order to practice other routines

Across the wood and tiled floors.

She couldn’t help but stop,

In smirking admiration:

Shocked some of the dancers

Flailed this way without injury.


Maybe ‘worse things happen at sea’

Was true in this aspect –

Heaven forbid

They all were cast adrift…


Notebook page

I wonder if the woman was chatted up by anyone and said “I’m not alone” to them 😛

I am not sure why she was there by herself? I didn’t really see anything other than the outside of the club, then the floor and position of the bar, when I wrote this. 

My character wasn’t chatting to me, she was just observing things.  I don’t know how she was dressed, how she got to the club or if she was waiting for anyone…

What do you think is going to happen to the woman?

Or/and what scene would you have painted with these words?

Answers in the comments, please!


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