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Happy Neeeeew Yeeeear!!!

I am kicking off 2018 with an ‘Ottava Rima’ style piece today.  The first site I read said it should have eleven syllables per line, but Wikipedia says it should be written in iambic pentameter (so have only ten).

It is harder to do eleven syllables per line, so of course… 😉

Both sources agree it should be written with a rhyming structure of





so I went with that, too:


Dust bunnies run, a monster in their midst: “Mum!cleaning implements

Tell us why you want everything much neater?!

We’d rather continue to be tablet bums

(Why budge when underneath us is a heater?!)

Just come here, play our games and have some good fun;

We’ll hug you, sit on your knee, and be sweeter”


“Alas, the year has turned – got my butt moving;

According to my plans all needs improving…”


In truth, it really is lovely sitting on our warm playroom floor.  When I was an exhausted mum of a toddler and pre-schooler, I took the odd cheeky half-nap stretched out (blocking the door!) while the kids played with cars and blocks. One or both boys would come and snuggle in after a while, usually begging room for teddies 😉 


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