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I have been listening to some different compilations on YouTube over the last few months, to help me write my posts (headphones sometimes have to go on, to drown out the bath time noise of our crazy children…)

I discovered the Norse music of Wardruna through Dervengrym’s music; which I stumbled upon by listening to Peter Gundry’s amazing arrangements…! It all definitely takes you to a different time and place, and ties in wonderfully with today’s words.

After I put ‘berserker’ into Wikipedia, I realised that I had read about the wolf-worship of these men before, and also that ‘northern’ fitted in seamlessly!

The only problem I had today, really, was with the word ‘crabs’…as you will see from my notebook page



Guilt  Northern  Crabs  Berserker  Shock  Healthy  Closing  Dimension  Sphere


They felt no guilt

These fierce northern men;

All weapons and limbs,

Like a strange cast of crabs.


To encounter just one

Berserker, was a shock

To any great army

(Such legend they held)

But when seen as a band,

United in their trance,

Wielding spears with control:

Once healthy men ail!


With the threat closing in

You would be forgiven

For thinking their dimension

Existed off this sphere…


Notebok page (the colour of pen came before I knew what I was writing about…)

It is always fascinating to read about different cultures and beliefs.  It sounds as if these men were truly a force to be reckoned with, and had unswerving self-assurance.  It must have been a hard life, and (as the mother of boys) I wonder how the women were ever comfortable with their babies becoming part of it…but I suppose if that is the way things are, and one grows up with that being the norm,  one doesn’t think the way I do about it?! 

I should imagine that to become a berserker was seen as a greatly heroic and desirable thing.  On the eve of our youngest’s birthday, however, it makes me shudder!!  I’ve been holding back the tears all day thinking about him becoming an official pre-schooler…can you imagine the state of me if he was being fitted for his first spear or something?!

Let me know what you think of the music if you follow the links. I am always gobsmacked by how many talented musical people there are, allowing me to access their amazing works for free.  I really appreciate it 🙂

Thank you to all the wonderful YouTubers out there, you rock (or folk/rap/pop…etc…) !


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