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Hiya 😉

It’s Monday!

Youngest has gone back to nursery after three days off last week, due to a cold and cough. 

Hubby spent all weekend goopy and headachey, trying not to move too much. (Sunday was a right off for him, and he spent most of it in bed).  I felt awful on Friday night, but have mellowed into a kind of tired, sore throated, generally spaced-out blahness.  

Eldest is pretty much ok, but is complaining the loudest.  He got up at 6.17am on Saturday and not much later on Sunday, and was grumpy and uncooperative no matter how many activities I did with him to try and keep him out of Hubby’s way. He decided he was not going to go to school today as he was ‘full of the cold’, and I am not entirely sure how I got him to walk the 1.5 miles there, but we were even early!!

I think it helped that I was having an out of body experience the whole way?!

So the above may give you a little context to this poem, which I wrote after staggering home again, pushing the blissfully empty buggy and trying not to cough too much…


I was walking (just walking)

Lazy thoughts in my head

Pondering all my day’s goals

(Like going back to bed)


And a lady came pushing

A twin girls’ buggy, and

A Spaniel then came trotting

(Lead in that lady’s hand)


I’m afraid this quite startled

The prone thoughts in my head

They sat up straight and whispered:

“Why is she not in bed…?”


Scarce half nine and this lady’s

Multitasking impressed!

(I knew with twins I’d remain

Permanently half-dressed..)


When I told her a dog and

Twin kids was some grand feat

She laughed that she had no choice

But the challenge to meet;

Sad looking Spaniel on the floor


And my thoughts they took over

My silly mouth – I said:

“OH THERE’S CHOICES!” as she left

(But forgot: “STAY IN BED!”)


So I’m hoping she didn’t

Take my outburst to say

“Your whole lifestyle is stupid…

Now have a nice day.”


I don’t mix my (3 years apart) kids with poop

From a four-legged critter who needs me to stoop

And pick up, and feed it, and right all its wrongs;

Because I’m so busy trying to chivy along


My natural habit of ‘mope and give up’

(And lie in the way of those walking their pup

Who are bravely facing a day where they too

Would like to lie down, but there’s too much to do…)


I fell into that trap that the twin mums I know

Roll their eyes at (somewhere I did not mean to go)

Sometimes “admiration”s better left unsaid

Now, excuse me…

                              **pulls duvet back over her head**


Of course, I actually squeezed in this bit of creativity, fed and caffeine-d myself and did a quick tidy up before going back to collect Youngest for 11.40am.  I also spent at least two and a half hours of my day on the way to or from the school gates in total, made dinner for the kids, sorted laundry, did the dishes, etc. etc…  😉


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