Bearing Fruit – #NaPoWriMo23 – Day 17

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Hey 🙂

Hmmm, again today’s NaPoWriMo prompt stymied me:

“Begin by reading Sayuri Ayers’ poem “In the Season of Pink Ladies.” A pretty common piece of writing advice is that poets should know, and use, the precise names for things. Don’t say flower when you can say daisy. Don’t say bird when you mean a hawk. Today’s challenge asks you to write a poem that contains the name of a specific variety of edible plant – preferably one that grows in your area…In the poem, try to make a specific comparison between some aspect of the plant’s lifespan and your own – or the life of someone close to you. Also, include at least one repeating phrase.” [From here]

But then I wrote the below up to “flavour” and decided to have a wee Google…


I will not wither on this vine:

Too busy blushing

To be tossed into

The salad of life.

I will not wither on this vine,

Shaking with the scandals

They spoke through me.

I’ll grow boldly,

Full of flavour,

Festooning golden nuggets;

Blue Beauty at it’s best.


I got the last two lines by looking up tomato varieties, and found “Golden Nugget” and “Blue Beauty” were featured as seed types on Ebay! Isn’t the internet grand?!

(I had most of my 3 years’ worth of hair cut off at the end of March – and dyed blue – in case I haven’t mentioned that, hence the last line made me grin 😉 ).

Annnd onwards to Day 18…!


Monty X


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