Bad Cattitude – #NaPoWriMo22 – Day 16

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Hi 🙂


It is Day 16 of NaPoWriMo, and the prompt on the site asked me to write a ‘curtal sonnet’.  As usual, I went and found an explanation for myself so I knew what I was getting into:

“Gerard Manley Hopkins invented the curtal sonnet in the 19th century. The poem consists of 10 lines written in iambic pentameter and a final line consisting of a single spondee (or foot consisting of two long or stressed syllables).” [from: Curtal Sonnet: Poetic Forms – Writer’s Digest (]

The above then went on to say that the rhyming scheme was abc abc   dbcdc. 

I needed a bit more focus still, so I employed the good ol’  random word generator trick 😉


I live to shatter, love to wreak havoc      a

Pedestrian possessions cast all ‘round     b

A pair of boots, a cucumber o’er there…     c

As your hand to my head feels the gravic     a

I hiss, then bite you ‘til you’re on the ground.   b

(When in a shady corner, floof my hair.)   c

It’s plain I am the boss, your fossil creaks!   d

My wrist could murder you with scarce a sound    b

You, frail human, are so feebly prepared,               c

What ‘owner’ constantly skimps on the treats?!      d

Take care…    c



I feel I did cheat just a little bit there, as I switched the order of a couple of the words I got from the generator (and also made one a plural) but I managed to wedge in ten 10 syllable lines, 9 random words, the correct rhyming scheme and that spondee (whilst sticking to a theme)…so I’d call that a win!!

I shall be back for Day 17 😉


Monty X


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