Baby Bio? – #NaPoWriMo22 – Day 14

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“Today’s challenge is a fun one: write a poem that takes the form of the opening scene of the movie of your life.[from: Day Fourteen (]


A toddler girl spins round in place,

With sweet blonde curls, ecstatic face;

A chubby hand up in the airauthor as a toddler, crouching and smiling

(The cam’ra zones in ‘til we’re there)

With her we’re happy, wild, and free

Cocooned from harsh reality…


How could that cutie have been me?


How could she have been me?


What would the start of your biopic look like?!

Yes, the above picture is me as a toddler on a street in Edinburgh 😉 my mum was crouching to capture me, so I thought it was hilarious to copy her…

Take care and I’ll ‘see’ you tomorrow!



Monty X


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