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Evenin’ all 🙂

From randomlists

I have (among other things) battled through a briefly blocked toilet, the laundry, a frustrating load of nonsense from two computers, a lot of thinking about what I still haven’t accomplished, the schoolboy-led identifying of 2d shapes, and then the write up – and chat about ancient Egypt – to present the below to you (which has nothing to do with any of the above!). Sundays during term time seem to vanish before they start!!

The first line appeared in my head after reading the generator words and then, after I had written the rest of the verse, I had to think about where I was going with my little “story”.  The voice in my head actually sang the first verse, so I just kept with the tune for the rest of the poem – the syllables and rhyme kindly took care of themselves 😉

My muse/subconscious/whatever-we-are-naming-it is on a bit of a theme, it would appear, from how these poems are coming out.  I wonder if it’s a Valentine’s thing…


Radiate   Weather   Lip   Fax   Interest   List   Raise   Decorous   Poised

You radiate stormy weather

As you plonk yourself down,

(By the state of your lip,

Your whole day’s made you frown).


I don’t ask cos you won’t tell,

I know it’s just your way;

I faff with the fax and

Pretend it’s all ok.


I highlight clients of interest,

Make your appointment list;

Raise the calendar profile

Of events you can’t miss.


In this decorous office,

In your well-ironed shirt;

It is so improper

For your feelings to blurt.


But it sometimes appears you

May have something to say;

Poised to tell me a secret –

Then you just turn away.


Please don’t bite it all back cos

I may just understand,

How a heart can be stifled

Inside a lovely man…


Notebook scribbles, in purple

Is this guy married?  Who has ironed that shirt?  What age is he?  Is his business going under?  Is he ill? 

Is the speaker single?  Female? Is “she” projecting onto him and therefore not seeing what is really going on? Will “she” make a move on him?

So many questions – and no time just now for me to explore them…! 

I saw an office set up like in the later episodes of Columbo and Murder She Wrote, actually. What kind of office did you picture?

What did the generated words make you think of? 

You know you want to write me a comment… 😉




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