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Hiya 😉


I was quite surprised by how many of the words that appeared today were cohesively linked!  So my chosen subject matter seemed inevitable.

‘Salt’ and ‘Prejudice’ had me a bit stumped, however.

But when does that ever stop me?!




Buy   Aspect   Matter   Gutter   Ballot   Withdraw   Salt    Routine   Prejudice  

I want to buy into it

This thing that you have;

Every aspect and matter

You show to the world.


I’m your biggest fan!

Watched you veer from the gutter,

Championed you in a

Neighbourhood ballot.


I’ve watched you withdraw,

Come back fighting and win;

Wept bitter salt as you

Went under again.


Yes, my gorgeous abode,

Your story’s not routine;

But their prejudice has

Made you within my means.


So let’s toast our sweet love,

And now shut out their gaze;

For inside your walls

Remains my favourite place.


Please excuse the spot of tea on the page…

Verses 3, 4 and 5 suddenly rhyme, which wasn’t intentional, but I didn’t have any time to change them (or tweak the first two verses to match).

I would also have probably changed the ‘gutter’ line to read “And this flame won’t gutter” if I’d had the minutes.

Did you immediately think of houses when you saw today’s words? 

Have you ever driven past a house and just really wanted to bring it back to life?  Or followed its fortunes for years, wishing you could own it? 

Have you found your forever home and had to do a lot of restoration work?

Please tell me all about it in the comments!





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