As Advertised…?

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Last night I wrote four pieces using random words, and the following was my favourite. Hubby says that it is basically a sketch. I have laid it out like a poem, but given the female speaker dark red text and the male blue. That way you can decide what it is for yourself, while still being able to follow it 😉


                                                                                     from here


sweater, advertise, humor, basin, bend, location, Mars, bomb, Europe


It’s that sweater they advertise –

You know the one –

With the woman who has no sense of humor

But the guy is trying to cheer her up

And puts the basin on his head and pretends to be Oliver Hardy?


Aww you know!? One of those black n white funny guys –

Like Charlie Chaplin but there’s two of them?


I’ve been trying to bend Michael’s ear about the sweater

But he keeps ignoring me, and I reeeeally want it for my birthday!

What sweater?

Oh really!! Are you not even listening either?!

I’m kind of busy…

I am assuming you are on location right now then…!


Well: they say that men are from Mars, don’t they? 

And you are acting just like Michael does.

By driving?

No!! By not listening properly! 

Sometimes I think I would have to put a bomb under him before he’d…

Aww phew!


Yeah!  When you said I was from Mars I thought you’d forgotten

I’m from Northern Europe and

mistaken my sunburn for being proof of Red Planet heritage.

Aw, just shut up!

Charming.  Watch out or I’ll set you down in the next galaxy over

– and it might be cold without a sweater…


[Pic is from here]

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2 Responses to “As Advertised…?”

  1. Jane Wright Says:

    The orange text was quite difficult to read but I enjoyed your amusing little dialogue.

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Hi, Jane. Thanks, I’ve changed the orange to dark red 😉

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