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Hello out there…


I was busy pottering about doing other things on this wet Saturday, and actually did not get around to generating words or writing my poem until after 10.30pm!  Don’t think I’ve ever left it that late before?!

Then, once I’d generated some words and saved the screenshot (I try not to look at the screen while I do that, so I have my strict 15 mins) and allowed myself to write down the words, I realised they were not going to be very easy for me!

AND I went and picked a pretty intense rhyming pattern for my poem while I was writing it.  Why?  I have no idea…!!

So here it is:


Wry   Security   Aries   Panda   Mississippi   Lewis   Legal   Coarse   Volkswagon

His face twisted up into a wry expression

As I lifted the paper to see

His starsign on the page.  He pretended to me

He’d just get on with the security…


An Aries (of course) he supposedly matched

My December birthdate to a tee

But (we both liked to say) hell’d freeze over the day

We’d do anything close to naughty.


As the nightshift dragged on, we watched pointless TV

About a Panda cub, the Mississippi;

The Isle of Lewis looked somewhere I’d enjoy

(New legal thing, for ITV)


His coarse language aside, the Volkswagon ride

Home was unusually pleasant.

I surprised myself lots, as we came to a stop:

Invited him in by accident…


Notebook page.

All I can ‘see’ in my head for these two is a man and a woman on either side of a large horseshoe-shaped desk, dressed in blue uniforms; they have a newspaper between them, a big TV on the wall and some security screens on the desk.  I have no idea what kind of business they are protecting, what their names are, how often they are supposed to patrol the premises, or anything. 

I don’t even know if they are both single…

Although the poem needs tightened up in quite a few areas, I am chuffed with what I managed in the 10 minutes I had left after looking things up (like clarification on my understanding of ‘wry’). 

I had no idea when I started how the damn ‘Panda’ was going to be mentioned, so thank goodness for that TV!

Both of my sons are Aries, so I knew Sagittarians were compatible, being fire signs (all mums look these trivial details up when pregnant, don’t they…?!)

I was panicing on the last line, because I had no idea how I was going to finish and (at least half-) rhyme with ‘pleasant’ but this saved me just in time 😉 love love love the internet…

Have you ever worked with someone who has proved irresistible?  How did it pan out? 

What story would you have come up with for these words?

Let me know in the comments!



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