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I have been thinking recently about the realities of listening, versus what we actually hear. I have been looking for patterns in people’s interactions over the past few weeks.  It is interesting when I see them surface, because I realise that I’m not that different and yet everyone is messed up in their own beautiful, raw, and tangled way.

Also, it’s not crucial that you react to their views.  A large proportion of the time, what others say is not actually about you.  I have needed that clarification repeatedly in my life – I am very bad at not instantly wanting to bite back!

I think the hardest part to deal with is when someone belittles your feelings, or tells you that you are coping (when you are with yourself all day and so are pretty damn sure you’re not).

When you are a person that other people rely on, it can be difficult for those people to shake the image of you as a ‘keeper of the norm’.  Their equilibrium would be upset if you fell from the pedestal they have made for you, so they trap you there, ignoring all evidence of change.

If you are a young person, it can be hard to be taken seriously; schooldays being billed as ‘the best of your life’, for instance.  What do you have to be sad about when everything is free and you have lots of time to yourself…?

I imagined an Uncle as the speaker for the poem.  I thought he was probably making unkind remarks about his teenage niece at a wedding.  Something about her being bullied at school and that if she just lost some weight and cheered up a bit she’d be fine…

I think it reads like his sister has dragged him over to apologise later, and he’s not doing very well 😉


Count  Observation  Maniacal  Tap  Relation  Bomb  Dreary  Appreciate  Depression


Does it count

That my impertinent observation

Was followed by the maniacal laughter

Of alcohol?


If it performed a nerve tap

Surely the relation of booze to views

Is quite irrelevant?


I bounced that bomb

But didn’t run from the blast;

I was keen to see

Whether your dreary take

Could be shaken!


I don’t think you appreciate

How often I’ve seen that work…


What do you mean you’re “depressed”?



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