Ancient and Saggy? – #inktober2019 – Day 23

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The Inktober prompt for Day 23 was ‘ancient’, so Youngest came up with the idea of me drawing some weaponry!

I flicked through google and Pixabay, and soon settled upon the idea of drawing a centaur with a bow (after rejecting the castle idea) because not only is my star sign Sagittarius, I’m still reading about all things Greek-goddy every evening!

I wanted to make it a young centaur, however, so I mashed together a pic of a pony and another of a girl from Pixabay:

I thought the background looked a bit bare so, as you can see, I drew some trees and DID squeeze in a castle.  As an afterthought, I looked up an alphabet of runes and put some on the tree on the far right.  It says ‘hunt’ in the symbols 😉

It was ‘just’ a case of inking and watercolour-ing from there:

I also did some painting yesterday and today around the topic of ‘ancient’ – a turret scene and a collection of weapons:

Did you draw anything today?  Feel free to gift me a link to your work in the comments 🙂

I shall leave you with a close-up of my centaur’s wee friendly face.  I don’t feel she would harm us…?



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