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Hey there!

I lay reading fan fiction on the internet until the very small hours of the morning.  Not only was I pretty engrossed, but my menfolk were ridiculously twitchy!!  The sunburn wasn’t helping much, either.  I did have to scorch BOTH sides of my back when I like lying on it, didn’t I…

Consequently, neither Hubby or I came-to properly until 7.15am, which is about an hour later than we usually start thinking about rallying the troops.  Both kids came for a lovely cuddle, but they were not very mindful of my wounds 😉

I cleaned the bathroom quickly, then had a shower and did all the usual bed-making nonsense and pulling down of dry washing; while somehow helping Hubby with the kid-wrangling (Bank Holiday Monday! He was off work) and finding lost stuff etc etc.  We got out to the car in just about enough time, albeit with a head injury for Youngest from him trying to enter the car door before it was properly opened ☹

Hubby and I managed to get Youngest into nursery and Eldest into his line for P2, but there were tears from one of Eldest’s classmates over a toy sword.  The pirate costumes have to be collated in the class today, and there was a bit of a clash of opinion as to whether toy weapons were allowed as part of them.  I tried to mediate, but then left it to the crying boy’s dad to sort out because I wasn’t getting anywhere and Eldest was beginning to become a little undiplomatic about me trying.  Sigh.

Hubby and I swung by home again, briefly, after we had waved Eldest in.  I generated today’s words and saved them to Facebook (privately) so that I could access them later.  Hubby and I were hoping to write and eat in a café again while Youngest was at nursery.  Unfortunately, there was a long queue at some temporary traffic lights, so it was getting on for ten to ten before we finally parked in the centre of town!!

From Randomwordgenerator

We made a quick detour to M&S to grab cake and cookies for our afternoon visitors, then we went to a nice café called ‘The Larder’ in town (the same place as I went on Wednesday with my pal, actually).  It was so nice to sit across from my husband and write again!  When we are retired, I am sure we will do this much more often 😉 I love cafés for the story potential – the ideas that come to me from snippets of conversation, a song playing that I have maybe not heard in a while, a word on the menu that reminds me of something in the past, a chance sighting of something interesting through the window…  Indeed, Hubby suggested that he sit with his back to the window and I get the perch with the best view.  He knows me so well, bless him!

I ended up writing about being on a diet, however.  Those who have joined me in a café recently will know that this does not currently apply to me (I prefer to just roughly keep track of the calories I consume over the day at the moment, rather than be a slave to ‘forbidden-ness’) but I can sympathise with the sentiment, having been on much stricter eating regimes before!                                                                                                               

How fitting for ‘cake’ to appear, eh?!  The generator must’ve listened to our plans…



Amuse  Battle  Cake  Asset  Grace  Physics  Trivial  Cope  Grimace

It does not amuse me

Seeing such delicious food

Offered, while I battle with my willpower.


Luscious cake, purring.

A menu: the greatest asset,

Weightier than gold.


My drooling; falling from grace

At the mere mention of cream!


Damn you, physics!

Trivial things like gravity

Pulling my stomach over the top of my jeans.

(‘Muffin Tops’ are not that yummy…)


Not sure how I’ll continue to cope,

I grimace;

And order salad…


The Pancake stack was Hubby’s (I had that with my friend last week!) but he couldn’t finish it all, so I did!  Soooo yummy!  I had a poached egg with some Black Pudding, so I was finding it hard to move when it was time to go 😉  we had a 15 minute walk around town, and bought some L44 round batteries as I was hoping to revive an old game I remembered I still had, when I found it searching for something else.  That’s the way of these things, isn’t it?!

We went back to collect Youngest, and made it just in time.  He had again drawn two pics of him in my tummy, but he wasn’t as proud of one because he said that he’d made a mistake drawing the right arm.  I didn’t get a picture of them, I’m afraid.  He gave both of them to my Grandma, despite telling me at first that she could only have the ‘weely good’ one.

We all had lunch, then Hubby went up to tap around on the computer for an hour or so.  I went and got the batteries, and took them up to the cupboard in Youngest’s room, where I had found my old Snoopy Tennis game from the 80s!  It still works, and it’s still pretty addictive…I got to over 500 points before I made myself walk away…!

I attacked the kitchen sides and hob, swept and vacuumed all the floors downstairs again (last night’s clean up job had been pretty tainted by this afternoon) and dusted the livingroom, the stairs and the landing.  I then cuddled Youngest until he fell asleep, before asking Hubby to move a few things upstairs for me.

Hubby also went and collected Eldest from school, which let me get on with cleaning the downstairs WC, and spot-cleaning the sticky bits off the kitchen floor.  I smartened myself up a bit, then cut up the goodies to have them ready for when the other adults arrived.  I had promised the kids cookies, but had warned them that the cake was for after dinner.  It was STICKY plus they’d get very high on it 😃

Eldest got his clothes changed and hands washed, then drew a nice ‘centipede monster’ for his Great Grandma.  I think she was touched that they had both given her something today.

My Grandma came with my Mum and Dad (she is my Dad’s mum) and brought me a Fuchsia! She is looking fab, as you can see in this pic.  She doesn’t look like she was 90 in January, does she?!

Over tea and yum (Mum brought us chocolatey bites, too!) we all discussed what the boys like to do in their free time, and what stage their learning is at.  Grandma and Dad reminisced about when Dad had to learn to write with a pen that one had to fill from a bottle of ink.  I can just imagine the mess our boys would manage with that…! I showed Grandma Eldest’s old P1 learning logs as she wondered what Youngest would be doing next year, and it also shows how much Eldest and I do together for school these days.

My Mum had taken the boys into the playroom at this stage, as the kids were in a moany/mischievous mood! The kids and I had made a ‘pinky promise’ that they would play a nice, sedate, game of cards (or two) with Grandma, but they decided when the time came that a board game would be better.  They settled on ‘The Pizza Game’ pretty quickly, and threw themselves into teaching their Great Grandma the rules…and she won!!

Unfortunately, the visit was soon over as Grandma likes dinner around 5pm, and to have it with us would have been chaotic at best!!  The boys cuddled everyone, then got a bit silly.  Their (especially Youngest’s) thing is to pretend to ‘web’ my parents’ car when they leave us, as if the kids are Spiderman!  Grandma was not aware of this, but she found it pretty amusing, I think!  The kids hung out of the door, firing imaginary webs at the older generations until they were faaaar down our street…

The boys calmed down and went to watch the tablet, while Hubby rustled up a pork dinner for us all, and I slunk off to do bloggy stuff, as usual!

After his bath, Youngest was very kind and smoothed aftersun into my poor back. Eldest refused, saying it was yucky, haha!

It was so nice to have Grandma over today, and to see the boys interacting with her very nicely (most of the time!).  We don’t get to see her more than twice a year, because she lives a good few hours’ drive away and we never want to inflict our rambunctious children on her neat bungalow and routine!  I love that the boys wanted to give her their artwork, Youngest decided at the last minute that he’d give the picture with the slightly wonky arm to her, too.  It’s nice to think of them hanging in her house and maybe making her smile thinking about their cheeky charms.

Grandma is the person who got me started knitting (and encouraged my crochet attempts), and I also used to love waking up in her old house, hearing the seagulls as we were close to the North Sea.  It is funny how many memories come flooding back as I look at her picture.  I am glad my kids enjoyed seeing her and have been asking so many questions about her this last week.  How generations work, and how other people live tickles them; and I love that members of the family spark their interest so much.

Happy sigh 😊



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