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I liked where the words were pointing today, but did not have a CLUE how to make ‘giver’ fit.

Would I have the airship being gifted to the main character by someone…?

I stared out of Eldest’s window (into the wild weather we are experiencing, thanks to Ophelia) for a bit, and then hit upon the idea that maybe ‘giver’ could become ‘Guh-eye-ver’.  My character had a name, and the poem was written in about 7 minutes!


Giver  Airship  Demon  Ugly  Abnormally Grenade  Barbershop  Heartless  Glumly


Giver steered his airship

Towards the demon’s maw;

An ugly tooth gleamed

From the abnormally large gums.

Written page for 17th October 2017

Giver threw the grenade

And watched it disappear,

Bouncing twice upon the giant tongue

For good measure.


It had been a sound decision

To visit that barbershop.

Intel had been spot on:

The owner had, indeed,

Stockpiled many a useful weapon.


Still, Giver felt a little heartless

In the nanosecond the creature knew

It was about to expire.


Our hero met the cheering crowd

A trifle glumly, but unharmed.


 I battled my own demon today, but lost bitterly.  Damn you, crazy technology *shakes fist* 😉


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