Age Related – #NaPoWriMo22 – Day 7

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Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that argues against, or somehow questions, a proverb or saying.

As it is Eldest’s birthday today, I went for a couple about age [Source:]


I have read, on that tome called the internet,

“Grey hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom”.

And to think I was quite looking forward

To my Nana Coco days:  more little hands,

Trusting and sticky, wrapped round a rock bun

My gnarling digits had helped them to make;

Dreaming wistfully of reading picture books

To listening littlies, answering questions

About the good old days and explaining

Why dictionaries, landlines, and cassettes

Had their place in the world when I was young,

To more wide-eyed wonder than their fathers’!


chocolate cake decorated with chocolate eggs

Germans apparently say a lot that:

“Old age is no protection against foolishness”

And this one seems to pan out, as I am

Already facing my mid forties and

My newly 9 and 12 year olds do claim

My idiocy gleams daily.  I know

They roll their eyes at the fuss and hug quotient

I deem as gifts.  They educate me on

‘Proper’ behaviour more frequently than

I remember doing for my elders.

My schooling’s not a match to their native

Digital genius.  I’m chopped liver.


And yet many a soggy shoulder or

Wakeful night worrying’s to come, I feel.

I would suspect, hair dyed or no, I’ll play my part

And maybe earn some respect on the way…?



Eldest woke up a few minutes before his time of birth this morning, and I got to hold his hand as he turned 12.  I also managed not to cry!! This meant he was bargaining for YouTube by about 7.05am but hey, he did show me some of his friends’ channels and also had a laugh with me over random videos about elephants messing about, so it was a nice start to the morning!

Eldest opened his presents and then we all watched Iron Man 2 on Amazon Prime together.  Afterwards, it was on to making buttercream icing and adorning the spongecake the boys and I made together yesterday morning.  There is a tradition here of poking chocolate mini eggs into the icing, as we have Spring ‘babies’ (Youngest did the same for his cake 8 days ago, see above!) but Eldest decided he and his brother would also add some sprinkles.  No complaints here!

We got a Domino’s pizzas in for dinner before we cut and sampled the cake.  It was a good meal!

Sponge cake with icing

Eldest’s birthday sponge

How on EARTH do we have a pre-teen in the house, though?! He hit double figures at the start of the Pandemic and time has just seemed to do crazy stuff since then.  Feels so weird looking at this kid, who is only a head shorter than me now, and thinking through all the transitions he and I have gone through to get here.  He’s definitely been one of my greatest teachers, this firstborn rascal of ours 😉

Anyway, I’d better go and watch some Dr Who with the kids before bedtime (as always requested) and save this draft until I have time to put the pics on it! Take care, and I’ll return for Day 8.


Monty X

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