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“Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that uses repetition.” [NaPoWriMo site]


I was so tired while writing this poem I actually had to wake myself up several times to complete it.  I let Hubby read it afterwards, and he says it is cohesive enough, so I’m rolling with it.  Another backdated post, another poem I don’t really feel I can claim I had full control over – how’s that for repetition?!

The hazards of trying to keep a housework/creative life balance: when people say they are going to visit you have to run around with a vacuum, duster and the “eye of someone who doesn’t live here” for hours so that the place looks like you might have a modicum of respect for the fact most people like to sit down in a calm space to chat.  Then, of course, all the creative work for the day has to be done after the kids are in bed, and in my case that means I’ve been up for at least 14hrs already…

But I am also very lucky to have such a full life and the large array of possessions with which I ‘choose’ to clutter my home, then have to move/dust/vacuum around! 😉


“I’d hate…I’d HATE to repeat the same mistakes”

She says

And she draws upon the fag

She swore she’d never buy again.


I blink in the murky cloud

Wondering what she might

Expect me to provide here.


(I have said the same myself,

But mistakes repeat on me:

I belch bile into enflamed situations

Seemingly for sport).


I feel my lip curl up

And the sarcasm slide out unchecked.


We make a good team, her and I –

As long as no one’s seeking comfort

And we take turns at acting mean.


I’ll be back later with the 27th’s offering!


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