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Hello again!

Well, these were not the easiest words…my mind seemed to involuntarily jump back to my classical studies classes, and formulated the start of the poem almost immediately.  I was unsure, however, how ‘fathead’ was going to feature.  That word always makes me think of Peanuts!

What I ended up with!

In the end, I decided that the irreverence of the word might be nice to jar against the previously grandiose ramblings of the speaker.  So I went from there.

The words in bold are the ones I had to incorporate:


Afterworld   King   Eventual   Approximation   Drive   Ideal   Nomadic   Fathead   Acidic


Floating on my personal Styx,

Approaching that longed-for afterworld

Like a returning king;

Anticipating that my eventual alight

Will top all hitherto approximation –


I feel my inner drive,

That ideal of my mortal life,

Lessen its grip upon me.

Eager as I am to become nomadic

Upon my glorious death.


(The robed figure looks at me

Over the top of his scribed tome,

Conveying in no uncertain terms

That I am some cosmic fathead

Journeying to an acidic reception…)


As per the rules I have not tweaked (apart from spelling and punctuation) past the 15 minutes allowed to create it.  So there are a few bits I would change, but that’s to be expected!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and of course feel free to try your hand at creating something from the words the generator pulled up today!  It would be interesting to see your take on them.




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