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Galloping  Adopter  Hooligan  Hotly  Elimination  Bead  Hometown  Ballistic  Generation


Giddy, galloping,

Advice adopter.


Heartwrenching hooligan’s

(Hotly hyped)

Excruciating elimination.


Bead bracelets,

Happy hometown;

Bath bomb ballistic –

Gesticular generation.


This poem just floated into my head when I saw the words.  I have a penchant for alliteration - which you have probably figured out by now, if you've read much of this blog ;)  

['Penchant' is a lovely word.  My pen does chant about a lot of favourite things, often in a rhythmic and soothing way... :-D ]

The poem reads, to me, like a character sketch of a young woman; in note form.  Maybe my subconscious has a crafty plan for a longer work I’m not aware of?!

How devious for it to tease me in this way 😉


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