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For today’s poem, I thought about reality, and future AI-type stuff.  The words made me, guv…

Actuality  Limitless  Bloke  Cinder  Back  Charismatic  Furry  Computation  Cube

What if this actuality

Was not fixed?

What if this current existence

Was limitless?


(But, of course,

It is)


I’m perched across from

A stunning bloke on the train,

He’s sat next to

Someone reading Cinder


And I’m back to my

Charismatic days

As a student,

Arguing my case in my head:


What if that adorable

Furry-headed pooch

(That pokes its inquisitive head

Out from her handbag)

In some actuality had

The benefits of computation –

Provided by an implanted chip –

And could save her life,

By yapping a certain number of times

And shooting Tasers?


(Cube numbers spinning

Behind those deep brown eyes…)


What indeed?!


Would we still be as comfortable?

Would we trust its resolve…?


I was looking for inspiration for using the word ‘cinder’ and the book came to my attention.  I think I’ll need to read it, it sounds a fab plot!  So that got me thinking about cyborgs, and all was going ok until I had to fit ‘cube’ in, so thank goodness for the internet simplifying things, eh?!



The boys’ reality was a good one today, being taken out by daddy again: to a different park, a wee jaunt along a beach, a kick about with the football and then to a café!  I stayed in and straightened things up in the house, as well as catching up on my posts a little.  I really need to sit and get them all edited up-to-date so I can relax a bit!!

Hubby went out and did a grocery shop, once he’d dropped the boys off with me, and I impressed Eldest by snipping off the ends of an old, holey, pair of tracksuit bottoms – in order to fashion some pirate trousers!  The whole school (including the nursery) are going to put on a show called ‘Pirates vs Mermaids’ and our boys have to dress up as the former.  I had hoped that Hubby would bring back cheap nautical-striped t-shirts from the supermarket, but when this plan failed, I found a red stripey top for Eldest (in the dirty laundry, of course) and rustled up a pair of striped PJ bottoms and a top with a skull on it for Youngest.

‘Cos I’m that good 😉

I then had to do a red load of washing to get them presentable for taking into school tomorrow…

Youngest snuggled into me and fell asleep, then I left him on the couch and sorted out the pictures Eldest wanted for his homework log.  Eldest was not the most enthusiastic participant when it came to writing a few captions, but we found ways of making it a quicker job, so he was ok in the end.

While Hubby made dinner (gotta love a man who can cook) I ran around tidying and vacuuming everywhere quickly, to try and let us start the week in a relatively organised state.  I also laid out everyone’s clothes for the morning, and made sure the pirate costume pieces that needed to be dried were popped in the machine.

I was really proud of Eldest, because Hubby printed off an article from the internet about the Arsenal victory yesterday and Eldest managed to pick out the main points, despite it being rather long!  It is really amazing how the last two years of school have honed his reading and listening skills.  The curriculum has had a lot about non-fiction this term, and Eldest really seems to be enjoying it 🙂

As a reward, we let the boys try on their ‘costumes’ quickly after they were clean (no suitable pictures, sorry).  There was lots of AAARRR and GRRR-ing, which was fun to watch!


Unfortunately, we found out just before the kids went to bed that Youngest had decided to draw a monster on the back of Eldest’s work, while Eldest was in the shower.  We all agreed that was a very good drawing of a monster, however, so we are sure the teacher won’t mind looking at him… Indeed, I see that the monster has curly hair like Youngest’s self-portraits!

So it’s been a pretty good day, and there are meringues and fruit with cream for supper 🙂 I hope, in actuality, you’ve had a great day too?




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    Another interesting poem

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    Wee curve ball 😉 x

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