Achingly Good Fun (Skye Posts II)

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First real day of our holiday, and the Jimpix generator has to get in on the act!!  How do you like this selection?!

I could not find any search entries for ‘mingdom’, but the Urban Dictionary has many a definition for ‘ming’.  The meaning I attribute to it regularly (probably because I’m Scottish?) is: yucky. So, I decided that a ‘mingdom’ was like a rather disgusting kingdom for the purposes of my poem. 😉

The other word that I did not recognize in tonight’s mix was ‘wackets’.  Again, there were no proper search results, only these…which got me thinking…

Youngest picked Green Eggs and Ham to accompany The Rubabdub Mystery in the toybox for this holiday; and Eldest read it to him in the livingroom yesterday evening, while Hubby and I got a few things sorted.  We like a bit of Dr Seuss around here, and he handles words in an unconventional way – pretty damn near perfect for this mad generator and the fact we’re on our holibags, no?!


Aches  Stem  Quit  Mingdom  Levitate  Ale  Chickenpox  Wackets  Hotdog


There are aches

And sometimes pains,

That stem from too much fun and games;

If you don’t quit

You might regret it.

(Although, I wouldn’t really sweat it

Because now, when you are young,

There is not much pain in fun;

Just when you’re adult

And you’ve lost some

Of your capacity

For Mingdom)


When you no longer think dirt

Is fascinating –

THEN you’ll hurt;

If you want to levitate

Over grubby tiles

And hate

To be disturbed from your ale

To count Jim’s chickenpox,

And fail

To see the Wackets in your jackets

(Or the Zug inside your mug)


If a hotdog’s not fab food

Then (let it be understood)

Next day: you might be SORE

Or even see fun as a chore!

So don’t get uppity

Or grow fast –

Permit this ‘childish’ stuff to last!


‘Cos to creak and moan is AWFUL

(In fact, it should be made unlawful…)


HeeHee, that felt good to write 😉

The kids were a force to be reckoned with this morning, waking up around 7.30am after their late night, then careering around the house shouting their heads off.  There are lots of lovely lamps and big breakable ornaments here (not things we have out at home!) so Hubby took the boys away to look at boats around 9am, and let me get showered and figure out a few bits and bobs before our main trip of the day.

Mad about the buoy…

We decided to check out Armadale Castle, and paid our £20-odd to get us into the grounds, before rounding the corner and discovering there were signs asserting that we weren’t actually able to explore the castle due to it being unsafe.  Our boys were not too happy with that (!) but we took some photos outside it and wandered a bit.


Follow meeee, I know the way!

Eldest saw a steep path that he wanted to follow, but Youngest sensed that it may be a long walk, so asked to turn around.  Hubby elected to go to the estate’s museum with Youngest, and I embarked upon a magical mystery tour with Eldest (first swapping phones with Hubby as my photo storage was full!)

We had been given a map of the grounds for each child upon arrival, so Eldest strode ahead confidently, telling me he was sure it wasn’t a dead end.  We arrived at a gate, but it was easily negotiated, and another sign informed us that we had embarked upon the ‘Blue Trail’; which ominously continued outside the bounds of Eldest’s charted territory…

We went up a muddy path through woodland, buoyed by the promise of ‘viewpoints’.  The path levelled after a while, and Eldest was a bit disappointed because he thought he’d be getting “really high so I can see everything!” We came out in a patch where the trees had all been felled, and there was a fork in the path which made us a smidge nervous, but we went over a little bridge (and looked at the place where three sheep had suddenly shot out, much to Eldest’s amusement) and saw another post telling us we were still on the blue trail 😉

Our perseverance was rewarded with a gorgeous view a minute later.  Eldest took many photos, but this is the most flattering to both me and the scenery…the wind keeps my look interesting, don’tcha think?!

We were still off grid but trusting that the path would head us back to the castle grounds at some point.  We had been walking for a good half hour by now, and it was trying to rain on us.  We forged ahead for a while, but came out at a road that didn’t indicate where the blue trail continued, but heralded the start of the ‘Red Trail’, which that sign near the gate had warned was pretty long and uphill!! I beseeched Eldest to retrace our steps, and luckily he agreed (after asking why going the other way, with signs indicating it was a clay pigeon shooting range, probably wasn’t that clever…)

(Yes, I had to explain what clay pigeons were, and why people hate them enough to kill them).

I was painfully aware that Hubby had the ‘essentials’ rucksack (also still referred to as ‘The Change Bag’, as it has a wardrobe or two in there) so we were alone without food, water, wipes or spare socks.  Scary.

Following Eldest, back through the Fuschia.

Hubby had also phoned us with a rather distraught Youngest in the background, wanting to know what our ETA was on getting back to them.  Luckily Eldest was on a mission to return quickly, and has developed a great sense of direction.  I was impressed that he could meld talk of asteroids hitting Earth, his beloved ‘motorbike game’ and  YouTube observations with his explanations of how he knew we were taking the right paths back.  I got lots of random-onslaught cuddles too, which are always welcome!

We all drove home and had an extremely late lunch in the cottage.  The boys and Hubby then watched Federer win Wimbledon.  There was cheering.


Ooooh the serious nature of board games…

We had a kind of spaghetti bolognaise instead of chilli for our Saturday meal, me trying not to let the kids ruin the kitchen chairs with saucy goodness.  When the plates were cleared, Hubby and I taught the sproggies The Rules of Draughts.  Youngest, in particular, took it in very well. We have decided to leave the complexities of chess to another day, but the boys are already looking forward to it!

They were too tired for their chapter again tonight, but we did sing the ‘I love your eyes song’ at Youngest’s request (we substitute ‘love’ for ‘like’), before our Ten Elephant Cuddles.

It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t yet taken a photo of the brilliant colouring in Youngest did for us at the museum, so I’ll try and get that rectified tomorrow.  For now though, I’m going to sign off and go get tea and cake again.

It’s a harsh, cruel life 😉


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