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Hey There 😉

I have gone for a RandomWordGenerator selection again today, as I messed up and used RandomLists twice, earlier in the week! Fair’s fair…

I seem to have been channelling unhappy characters in the past few posts. Tonight’s lady appears to be experiencing some legal trouble:






Abstract  Spontaneous  Advisor  Surgeon  Wife  Veteran  Extort  Video  Disgrace


They were always abstract,

His spontaneous splurges of art;

He called me in to be his advisor

But it felt like I became

Some incompetent heart surgeon

When I tried to offer my thoughts:


Each unfavourable word


Spilling lifeblood in cascades.


So, as his wife,

I learned

To keep his vital organs

From staining up his sleeves:

Applied salve and sustenance

When needed,

Became a veteran enabler

Who did nothing to extort gain.


I saw no money from each YouTube video

Despite long hours

Spent fixing lighting

(And temperament)


When his health failed,

And I’d sold the paintings

To pay for his care:

His posthumous lawyers

Coloured me in disgrace.



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