A Tale Of Two Valleys

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 Hi 🙂

So I was gifted two valleys in different parts of the UK, and a name which means “Athenian” by Jimpix today!

(That last sentence rhymed…) 

I will put links in the words at the top of the poem if you want to read any further about them 🙂






Penberth  Atticus  Cynon  bubbed  Reiterate  Fact  Conclude  Erect  Poison


I sat pretty in Penberth Cove

Watching the fishing boats return;

My Atticus book untouched

As my mind penned tomes instead.


Such a different view and history

From my native Cynon Valley.

Bubbed on coastal landscapes

I swayed with the rising tide.


I’d taken picture after picture,

Content sucked up via lenses;

Each blog post set to reiterate

The fact one must conclude:


Holidays are miraculous!

They give us new permissions:

Erect memories and habits,

Slay that which seeks to poison joy.



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