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Well, it IS almost Hallowe’en…

I had a frantic write today, wrangling with the ending that Karen specified for me! I went right down to the wire, and it is probably the messiest page-and-a-half I have produced in a loooong time 😉 well played, Karen!

This is what she gave me:

They told us to use “I” statements to express our feelings, but I couldn’t think of one feeling they would have found appropriate.

Technically it is a monologue, not a story, that I ended up with…is that allowed?! I suppose as I made up the rules it must be, haha.  I hope you enjoy it, anyway:

Hello, my name is Anne.  You’ve probably read of my ‘adventures’ with my older brothers and cousin?  Well, I’m in my eighties now, and I can’t believe how much times have changed.  I would be so scared for my grandchildren if they went off on their own and got into even half the scrapes that we did.lady on a walk

I used to like adventures best when they were over, but I still was happy to put myself in silly situations without truly thinking of the dangers.

But it was a different world then.  Of course, it was arguably more violent, with the wars and all the terrible hardships endured in lots of foreign climes because of it; but the adults never really seemed to feel that we would be in significant danger. 

I remember presenting Enid with my diary from our first adventures, and her instantly seeing a bestselling series (instead of children being treated jolly unfairly, sometimes).

I remember being (semi-secretly) very upset that mummy and daddy used to pack us off to Kirrin so much.  My grandchildren see their close family members so much more often, and go to schools that are mixed…and siblings can be together…where they can come home each evening to their parents!  I could have seen my brothers so much more growing up.

Of course, I started that tradition of comprehensive schooling off with my own daughters.  I was interested in them as people – warts and all, so to speak!

When I reminisce about my pre-teen days, I realise that for most of my childhood, when it came to the adults I cared about: they told us to use “I” statements to express our feelings, but I couldn’t think of one feeling they would have found appropriate…


You can tell I have had the issues Anne raises bubbling in my head for a while, can’t you…?!

As I was saying the other day, it is cool writing in a kid’s room because it can really help join a few dots in my head. (You know I’m definitely dotty by now, yeah?!) After reading today’s ending to my story, I grabbed Five On A Treasure Island off Eldest’s shelf and looked to see when it was first published (1942).  From there I skimmed the first few pages and learned George was supposed to be eleven, so I knew Anne would have been about nine, so born in the early thirties…and the furious scribbling began!

I cranked out 269 words over and above my given ending!! Boooom!

I am cringing at all the clunky words I want to shave, it must be said, but if I look at it as purely a 20 min writing exercise – I am getting more prolific!  800-odd words an hour wouldn’t be too shabby 😉 I’d have my Stephen King quota in 2.5 hours. 

I’d need a nap afterwards, right enough.  Writer problems…

Karen impressed me by managing to decipher my scrawl in the page pics on Facebook.  I was even going a little crossed-eyed, trying to follow the greeny gabbling I produced 😛 she seemed not to hate my wee scene, so yaaay 😉 Thanks again for making the cog wheels whirr so fast, Karen!

Where would you have gone with this ending?

See you for more dottiness tomorrow!


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