A ‘Shroom As A Pew? – #inktober2019 – Day 7

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Hey there 🙂


I went a little overboard for Day 7. 

The prompt word was “enchanted”, which immediately conjures images of Amanita Muscaria (or Fly Agaric) mushrooms for the Blyton-obsessed child in me 😉

Of course I had to make the mushroom into a house, and think about the little person(s) who would live in it (which made the fairy I sat on the ‘roof’, on the left hand side, waaay out of proportion…).  I pencilled one big mushroom, then decided to add a neighbour.  I popped in some flowers and grass, too, then began to get inking:

The fairy and her hugeness was starting to really bug me, but the background was too bland without her.  I decided to look up some info on where these mushrooms pop up in real life, and then got myself a quick reference pic from Pixabay for knobbly tree bark inspiration!  I rubbed out the fairy, pencilled some bark swirls in, inked them, then used a brown coloured pencil to try and make it recede into the background more than the elements of the piece I was going to paint. I’m not completely happy with the result, but it’ll do:

By this time it was getting near midnight, the kids were (obviously!) in bed, I’d had my dinner and watched quite a lot of Monk whilst playing with ink and pencils…so I pushed away the laptop and braved the painting.  

I am doing all my Inktober offerings in an A6 sketchpad, so there is not much room for error, and even using the smallest round brush I own I went out of the lines a little; but a real Fly Agaric mushroom doesn’t have the most regular of ‘spots’ on it – so I forgave myself 😉  After Monday housework and over 10k steps on the school run, my eyes were a little fuzzy, but it still wasn’t until 2ish this morning that I cleared my bed of art materials!  It looked ok, but I wasn’t really in any fit state to assess it:


I woke up this morning and did the final bits of fine-lining while occasionally sipping a very welcome coffee!!

So there we have it: a completed picture in ink, coloured pencil and watercolour paint!  Phew!! I am still calling this Day 7, although I finished it in Day 8.

What’s that you say?!  I have today’s prompt to draw for, now…?!



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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    I like this very much. As I said before, these drawings call for a story to go with them

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Glad you like it, Jane. They all have little narratives fluttering around in my brain as I draw them 😉 X

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