A Sensory Woodwalk

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Hello 🙂

I am always left in awe of the nursery team when I help out (read: ‘make up the obligatory adult quotient’) on one of the woodland walks.  I can’t get my own two kids to listen to me, but the ladies keep groups of 10 or so children enrapt with ease!

Youngest was in a particularly crazy mood today, bouncing off his buoyant partner in crime that he always buddies with. Neither of them would hold my hand the first time they were asked, both wanted to pick up sticks and brandish them at each other as soon as possible, and each boy gave me a mouthful of cheek a few times – that ended in the other giggling.  Good thing I have a lot of time for them both, eh?!  They know how to get around me with their cute merry faces…

Today there were two groups of children out so, after a quick game of hide and seek, the kids split back into their usual set and followed their nursery keyworker to an appropriate spot to sit down.

There was a discussion about where our senses reside, and how they help us glean information about the world.  Eyemasks were then produced, and a scent challenge commenced.  Youngest picked the fish mask, as his favourite colour is blue, and went first.  He and most of his peers couldn’t identify the peppermint oil, but eventually one of Youngest’s favourite girl-pals sussed it.

Some more oils were attempted, then each child was fashioned a bracelet of double sided sticky tape, with just the top layer of paper removed.  The kids were tasked with picking up and sticking as many different colours of plant life as they could find – and if there were lots of the same colour, they were to focus on shades. 

Youngest loved this activity! He was a little miffed when heavier items wouldn’t stick, but he was proud to show his friends where they could find white feathers, and to compare found flowers. The small knot of kids even had a contest to see who could blow fluff from their dandelions the fastest.  There was no clear winner 😉

There was a game where a bangle of bells was put around a child’s wrist, and then that child had to go off and hide while jingling the bells.  The rest of the group were supposed (!) to keep their eyes closed and concentrate on listening to which direction the bells had gone in. 

Most of the kids tried to hide in the same place, but Youngest was tricky and ran in every direction before finally plumping on standing behind a tree quite close to the group!  He was very indignant when the kids pointed to him because his partner had peeked 😀

Snack was preceded by a taste test.  Each child closed their eyes (!!) and stuck their tongue out, and the keyworker dealt them chocolate buttons.  Then there was a discussion of sweet and sour, and a bit more confectionary to illustrate the difference.

After snack (of fruit and a Digestive biscuit) there was free play.  Here is Youngest with the other eyemask on, his chin sporting juice from his strawberry!

Other kids ran around with tinkling wrists again, or made capes and veils from square chiffon scarves.  There is so much energy and inventive craziness in 3-4 year olds!

We trooped back, my loony and his pal messing about again, and we got there before the usual chucking out time.  We were allowed to leave early, so Youngest and I sidled to the little shop and I bought my son a sports cap bottle of water to make up for having completely forgotten to bring my bag with me today** and therefore his drink, which I had put in the side of it for the walk.  The bottle he picked was a 750ml one, and Youngest was delighted.  I think it’ll last him a few days!

He valiantly walked most of the way home, but became really silly and bolted near a busy road (he stayed on the inside of the pavement, but still) and so lost his tablet viewing privileges.  Cue huge tired rant from him, which was only calmed by a biiiig mummy cuddle once we got in.  He fell straight to sleep snuggled into me, bless him.

I really can’t believe that Youngest will come to the end of his anti-preschool year next month, or that Eldest is almost out of Primary 2!!  How can these children of ours be getting so big?!  Someone needs to invent a pause button for life’s live feed.  I can’t keep up with the feels 😉

I enjoyed the woodwalk today and I’m glad I got so many nice pictures, there will be countless experiences I won’t see him have as he grows, so it is lovely to hear his joy while I can.


**Those that know me offline will realise what a big deal this is (I probably accosted you at the time and told you, to be fair…).  EVERYTHING is in that rucksack, all the stuff I need in order to feel prepared for most eventualities.  But…? We were fine.  Weird.**


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