A Ray Of Danger

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Hi 🙂

Some straightforward offerings from Textfixer today.  The poem was kinda destined to be dark after reading the last two words, however…


Patient  Danger  Plantation  Rage  Divine  Ray  Amuse  Bloodsucker  Hunchback


He was never patient.

I always felt in danger,

Like his slave:

Forced to bend,

The world his vast plantation,

His rage knowing no bounds.


He had divine right over me –

His x-ray vision

Penetrating my very thoughts.

The way his hand-marks

Rose upon my face

Seemed only to amuse him.


This monster hid in plain sight,

Squatting over our lives,

And no one tried to vanquish him.


Sometimes evil is no Hollywood bloodsucker

And has no hunchback henchman:

Sometimes it just nods to you

At your little village shop…




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