A Postcard From Ganish

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I never was much good at Geography.  I used to blame it on the fact that we weren’t taken abroad as kids, and that I am not someone who can draw, so I got lost in my High School lessons (pun intended).

But really?  Maps were never consistently presented to me in a way that fired my imagination when I was young. 

When we were learning about WW2 in History, it was quite interesting to see which countries bordered with Germany and why the invasion of Poland was so significant.  I could get on board with the idea of the personification and anthropomorphism of each country in the various propaganda posters and understood about allies etc., but beyond that it was all ‘boring’.

I only started taking all the world’s interconnections and politics seriously once I left school, and at uni while studying how religion affects collective attitudes and global relationships.  In the last few years of watching the news more closely, the Scottish Independence debates and now Brexit, it has become a little more of an everyday interest (!!)

The Jimpix generator is trying to give me an education by stealth, however!  I did not know Lussan was a commune in France, or that Ganish was a village in Pakistan! (Did you?!) How devious to make me regularly look up geographical information in the course of my creative exploits!

While I was tapping about, I also checked what the Limbic System does in our brain.  Apparently, it is believed to be responsible for most of our dreams, emotions and memories.  So there you go 😉


Ganish  Lussan  Bradley  Infinity  Pog  Piper  Dislike  Limbic  Commonest


Ganish is so much bigger than Lussan.


I miss Bradley and his

Talk of infinity

Not coming close

To his love for me.


And how are Pog and Piper?

Pat their heads for me?


I dislike this constant travel

Taking me from you all.


I dream of the drums

From the old fort here –

See my other self

Running to collect my weapons

And fight raiders in the streets.


My Limbic System is at meltdown,

I’ll need to come home soon.

Loneliness, here, is my commonest companion.


I love you, please stay well



I probably cheated by using three of the words as names, but meh 😉


What do you think the back story is here?  Why is the speaker travelling so much?  Is he based in Lussan or was it just another place he visited?

Answers in the comments, please 😉


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    Hilarious set of words neatly dealt with. And you (and we) are getting educated along the way. I really enjoyed this poem

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Thanks Jane 😃 lovely encouragement as always x

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