A Matter Of Taste? – #inktober2019 – Day 25

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Day 25’s prompt was ‘tasty’, and I immediately thought about this food:

(sorry the pic’s a bit blurry)

I inked over the pencil lines as usual, once I was satisfied with the sesame seed placement, etc 😉

Then it was the turn of the watercolours.  I had to mix up a dark enough brown for the burgers, and also faff about to get a pleasing yellow for the cheese.  As a finishing touch I re-outlined a few of the salad leaves and the onions – and I was done!

What would you have drawn for ‘tasty’?  Does thinking about it make you hungry?!

I am visiting my parents this weekend and will probably combine my Inktober Day 26 and 27, so I’ll be back soon with whatever I come up with…!


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