A Historic Ploy

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How you doodling?

I wasn’t really sure where I was going to take these words, so I just wrote two of them into the first line

from textfixer.com

and went from there.  I think the speaker is probably a teenager? I got snapshots of dyed purple hair and chipped black nail varnish.

I got up stupidly late today, having been writing and thinking a bit too much, and I’ve hit the  Irn Bru Xtra hard recently.  So maybe my brain equates being this quinine-soaked with university 😉

**Mum, this one will creep you out, sorry…!**


Bet   Lizard   Existing   Night   Habit   Proposal   Sector   Historic   Hug

As a bet, I held the lizard

After it was dead.

(My disgust existing

Somewhere in my bowel)


That night, the conjured ghost of it

Scurried around my head;

Its long tongue probing

At my buzzing thoughts.


I have this ingrained habit,

This affliction of sorts,

Where others’ approval

Means “nod at proposal”;


“Play the missing sector

Of an arbitrary circle”:

A historic ploy to

Extract a cool hug.


Scribbles and scrawl

I did look up ‘sector’ (as at first I was just stuck on the job category meaning of it); but most of my 15 minute window was taken up by writing and mild tweaking.  Again I noticed that the syllables matched pretty well, but I was able to make it all a bit more even in the time I had remaining.  So I like how I’ve left it, my speaker being all self-reflecty and thought-ridden.

What ‘bet’ would you have written about?  Would ‘Lizard’ have been a nickname of someone?  What would be ‘existing’ at ‘night’ out of pure ‘habit’ that would later need a ‘hug’?!

Talk to me below!


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