A ‘Gram Of Melancholy, Please

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Today I was mostly writing…Epigrams.

Wikipedia said they can be akin to Epitaphs, or employ sarcasm and point-making.  

*pauses to rub hands together in morbid glee*



Here lies a woman (far too late)

Who stole more air than worthy mates

And floundered, useless, on this earth –

Tear up this grass and curse her birth!!


Stone child looking at dead motherGoodbye my dears, I’m glad you came

To visit my cold stone again;

I hid my joy too oft, but really

I’m peaceful now: ghost-hug you freely.



Do not be sorry I am gone

I loved you all, but it felt wrong

To stay and pull you to the deep

Dark throws of hell –

                             now, let me sleep.



shadowy figure in front of a man in the mistBecause I cannot handle fear:

Complaints/excuses/faults you’ll hear;

I need you close, but push you far –

That’s just how ‘fragile’ people are…




A Writer’s place is on the rim,woman standing on the edge of a mountain

So please do not invite me in:

If I belong I start to care

And no one writes the truth from there.



And, to finish, a wee verse on conserving the environment:


You are here…so please enjoy

The stunning landscapes God employed.

(Try not to leave it all destroyed:

Our Earth is not humankind’s toy).


Landscape from the Isle of Skye

I was immediately drawn to this photo on Pixabay, then read that it was taken on Skye! Def need to retire there…


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  1. Jane Wright Says:

    You are having great fun with all these different modes and I am enjoying reading them.

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