A Gathering

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Hello, lovely people!

From Jimpix

I wrote this in about five minutes.  There is no crossing out in my notebook, I circled all the words and made sure there were nine of them, that ‘plates’ had not been misread and actually said ‘pilates’ etc. I stopped my timer…it had nine minutes and eight seconds left on it!

Do I know what the speaker is talking about? Heck no!

She reminds me of the aunts in Practical Magic, though.  I can see her in long skirts and a shawl, picking her way through the grass in the dark… 

Don’t let me colour your view, however, you may see someone different!




Snowman  Plates   Options   Outsiders   Racehorse   Sheba   Displayed   Rabble   Cona

We brought the snowman plates

As the numbers involved

Didn’t leave us many options.

(And besides, they are cute)


To outsiders, we must have appeared

A bit strange in our get-up;

Leading our old racehorse

Across the darkened field.


But Sheba was used to being displayed,

And likes trotting after us.

We are  less of a rabble

These days, than before in Cona.



Notebook page

I like this poem, but I need to know where/what Cona is and what is going on!

Any ideas you’d like to share?

What conventional scene should I have pictured from these words…any horsey readers care to weigh in?

Again, I’d like some ponderings from you in the comments 😉



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