A Fetching Pet

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Howdy-do 😀

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I thought I would have a bit of fun writing my poem today, as I have been kind of serious and morally of late (booo).

With some Harry Potteresque words coming up, I decided to go for a fantasy theme and a wee rhyme as well.


Seemed rude not to 😉


Magic   Fetch   Overt   Grade   Cactus   Enchanting   Secret   Lick   Glib

As the tendrils of his magic

Floated lazily through the air,

I instructed our Dragon

To fetch the Master’s chair.


In an overt display of grandeur

That scaled creature did as bid,

(Then settled back to gnaw the bones

Of hapless late-servant, Sid).


I went back o’er the test-papers,

Checking every grade was true;

Then I fed the Collared Peccary

A nice cactus or two.


When Master was done enchanting,

I opened his secret lair.

(Dragon came to lick his boots

And carry in that chair).


I trotted out my glib def’rence,

Made everything look good;

Then escaped, to have my lunch

(Not fancying the Dragon’s food).


Page of pencil prances.

The verses scan pretty well, but if I’d had more time I would have tightened it up a lot more (maybe have written about other strange happenings in the speaker’s day, too).

The mention of ‘Collared Peccary’ comes from here, as I was quickly searching for something that would consume a cactus and might be an unusual animal to pop up in a wizardy poem.

I looked up ‘glib’ here.  I wanted to make sure I was using it correctly.

What scenario did today’s word combo make you think of?


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  1. Jennifer Patino Says:

    Love it. You’re quite the word wizard. 😉

  2. Montaffera Says:

    Aww ta, we’ll wave our wordy wands together then 😀 x

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